Clothing Drive



Let’s Get Ready for School! Can You Help?

New clothing allows a child to begin the school year with confidence and self-esteem. Grades and attendance also improve.

In cooperation with Hill Country Daily Bread and Growing Hope Ministries, on June 3 at St. John, bags will be provided with information on each sponsored child, including age and sizes. You can pick up a bag with the information and fill it with the needed items. Sponsors should return bags to St. John no later than June 30.


Sponsor a BISD child and provide NEW clothing for the first day of school. Purchase:

  • 1 bottom (1 denim, pants, shorts or skirt)
  • 1 top (1 dress in lieu of top for young girls)
  • Socks
  • Underwear

To Sponsor One or More Children, please email Jennifer Kuentz:

Clothing Drive