Fraud Prevention Seminar

Sunday, October 17 – 12:15pm

in the Family Life Center


While reading this invitation to the upcoming Fraud Prevention Seminar, scam artists and fraudsters are actively planning their next moves to defraud you and others of your hard earned money and savings. [Consumer fraud totaled $56 billion in 2020] Ultimately, we are each responsible for protecting ourselves and our loved ones against such frauds and scams.


The purpose of the upcoming seminar is to provide you with the knowledge and tools to protect yourselves and others from becoming a victim of such scams. The scope of the subject matter to be presented involves the history of and types of actual scam and fraud scenarios, the “red flags” to identify the various scam attempts, the psychological aspects and knowledge used by the scam artists to influence and defraud the victim, the proactive measures to prevent the fraud or minimize the potential loss, and actions to be taken once one has been scammed.


The presenter will be Jim Peters, CPA, Certified Internal Auditor, and Certified Fraud Examiner. He has 41 years in the banking and credit union industry as an Internal Auditor, Fraud Investigator, and Bank Secrecy Act Compliance Officer.