Guest Speaker: Dr. Rich Melheim

Sunday, May 20th

Lunch & Afternoon Presentation

Dr. Rich Melheim

Preaching and Teaching on the Importance of Intergenerational and Family Ministry

Dr. Rich Meheim is an entrepeneur, author, semiotician, cartoonist, comedian, speaker, publisher, playwright, songwriter, family counselor, business systems consultant, preschool
designer, and student of the human brain. He is also an ordained Lutheran pastor.

Rich has invested his ministry in creating education systems that pull parents into the core of children, youth and family systems “every night in every home”. He founded Faith Inkubators and the Cross+Gen Movement. He has written 24 books, produced 24 Scripture music albums, created 7 stage plays, and thousands of skits and resources for children, youth, family and Cross+Generational ministry.


Come hear him preach at St. John’s Sunday Services. Then enjoy a lunch and afternoon presentation on the importance of intergenerational and family ministry.

We are asking that those who plan to attend the meal and the afternoon presentation pick up a ticket before the event to help us plan for everyone interested!

Tickets are FREE and available at the Information Desk on Sundays and in the Church Office during the week.