In His Image Movie

“In His Image: Delighting in God’s Plan for Gender and Sexuality.”

In His Image is a critical and urgent message designed to equip the church to answer culturally controversial questions about gender and sexuality from a biblical perspective. Every church in America is filled with hurting people asking these tough questions: Can you be gay and be a Christian? What if someone genuinely feels trapped in the wrong body? Did God make me this way? Is change even possible?

The movie, “In His Image,” speaks directly to this as churches wrestle with the culture regarding the truth about homosexuality and transgenderism. It is a conflict that will not go away and we need to be equipped to know both sides of the discussion. Our current culture has made it clear on how it stands, but what does the Bible really say? What does science really say? What do some personal testimonies of homosexual and transgender people really say about their life experience?

Be informed. Be seeking of God’s wisdom and truth in it all and be willing to talk about this uncomfortable topic with those you love.


Movie Viewing for Adults, Young Adults, Parents, Grandparents:

Sunday, March 14
12pm – 2pm
in the Family Life Center

All adults and young adults are welcome to attend this movie viewing. Parents of Middle Schoolers and Elementary students are encouraged to take advantage of this viewing to help discern if their young person is ready for this information yet. Showing to students will begin the following week.

Please register using the button below. A light lunch will be served.