St. John’s Family3 Ministries invite and challenge your “home” family1 to take the

40 Day Lent Challenge: Take “Any 15” minutes of the day to do the FAITH5 together.


Faith5What is the FAITH5? The steps are:

1. SHARE your “Highs” & “Lows” of each other’s day.
2. READ a Bible verse together.
3. DISCUSS how that verse relates to current life highs and lows.
4. PRAY together
5. BLESS one Another


Be Equipped!

Pick-up a “Holding Your Family Together,” book where the whole philosophy, theology, and practical practice of these five simple steps are laid out that will help bring your family closer to God and each other.

Make not only “The First 15” a habit but the “Any 15 FAITH5” a habit with your family as well!


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