Our History

historic chapelWho We Are

St. John Lutheran Church was founded in 1929 to serve the Boerne community. We continue that service today as a congregation of over 1400. We have been “Blessed To Be a Blessing as Instruments of God’s Love.”

St. John is a congregation of the North American Lutheran Church and a member of the Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ Association. The NALC is a denomination that is committed to the authority of the Bible as the inspired Word of God and as the authoritative source and norm of its proclamation, faith, and life. In keeping with the Lutheran Confessions, we believe that all doctrine must be based on the Scriptures.


If you would like to read more about our beliefs and practices, check out the the North American Lutheran Church (NALC) website at https://www.thenalc.org/ or view the NALC monthly newsletter here: https://thenalc.org/newsletter/

Our Church Family

St. John is a family-oriented church. The term family is often used to describe the church in the New Testament.  Being a family means that we have the same Heavenly Father and that we share our lives with one another, both the joyful times and the times of real pain and suffering. In our busy lives, anonymity is often the norm, but our hope is that St. John Lutheran is where you can know others and be known by others.  Most of us don’t have it all together, but we are eagerly moving closer to God in our journey in faith. We hope that you will join us, whether it’s through mentoring youth or inviting your neighbor over for dinner. We desire to serve our community by proclaiming the name of Jesus through word and deed.



North American Lutheran Church