Our Vision

Vision for St. John Lutheran Church


In 5 years, by May 31st, 2023 (the end of the 2022-23 church year),


Sunday morning

St. John Lutheran Church has doubled in size. 800 people every week look forward to attending our multi-generational worship services. The services of Word and Sacrament are guided by the four solas of the Reformation, holding on to what is essential in our Lutheran tradition while reaching out to what connects with people in 2023. The whole church meets in the same building on the same block, following a plan to optimize and improve our facilities. The Family Life Center is used for ministry every Sunday. St. John Lutheran Church is full, still growing, and planning to keep growing in the Hill Country.



St. John Lutheran Church is changing lives by: reaching out to the young families which are moving into the Boerne ISD; assimilating them into our multi-generational church family; connecting parents with “church grandparents” for support, community, and guidance; teaching their children what we believe, why we believe it, and how to it live it in their daily lives; putting members on a pathway which equips them to grow as disciples and make disciples in their families; and serving Jesus through the ministries at St. John, through local ministry partners, and through international mission partners and mission trips.



St. John Lutheran Church has become a model of a healthy and disciple-making church. Church governance is nimble and agile so that decisions are made efficiently and effectively. Pastors are equipping the laity to be servant-leaders of the church’s ministries. St. John Lutheran church is mentoring other churches in the Hill Country to make disciples in their own congregations. St. John Lutheran Church is an annual training ground for NALC pastors and a frequent host for NALC & LCMC church leadership teams.