Walk Daily with Jesus

Walk Daily with Jesus


First 15: Time, Place, PlanThe First 15 needs a time, a place, and a plan.  Choose a time of the day when you’ll spend 15 minutes with the Lord.  Choose a place in your house you’ll spend that time with the Lord, and get it ready.  Choose a plan for what you’ll read in that place as you spend your time with the Lord.



First 15: Read, Respond, PrayPray as you begin, asking God to speak to you.  Then open your book or devotional andread slowly, listening for what God has to say to you.  What in the lesson got your attention?  What seemed to speak to you?  What made you uncomfortable and convicted you; or what made you comfortable and brought you peace?  That’s the Holy Spirit talking to you through the Word.  Respond with thanksgiving, with obedience, and with prayer.



End your time with the Lord’s Prayer, pausing at each petition to make it your own.  Ask God’s Kingdom to come into your life and the life of those you love.  Obey God’s will in the Commandments, and accept God’s will for your life.  Go over your day and ask God to be a part of it.  Ask God to forgive your trespasses, and name them one by one. Forgive the person who trespassed against you, and pray for that person by name.  Ask God for strength to turn away from the sins that beset you.


It doesn’t take much, and it doesn’t take long.  But a Daily Walk with Jesus will build your faith and make it grow–just as He promises: “If you abide in my Word, you truly are my disciples.  You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”


St. John’s Family3 Ministries invite and challenge your “home” family1 to take the

40 Day Lent Challenge: Take “Any 15” minutes of the day to do the Faith5 together.


Faith5What is the Faith5? It is:

1. Sharing “Highs” & “Lows” of each other’s day.
2. Reading a Bible verse together.
3. Discussing how that verse relates to current life.
4. Praying together
5. Blessing One Another


Be Equipped & Be Trained this LENT:

Pick-up a “Holding Your Family Together,” book where the whole philosophy, theology, and practical practice of these five simple steps are laid out that will help bring your family closer to God and each other.

Hear and See why and how this practice works via short video teaching and testimonies in the Family Life Center, following the Lent Services (March 4th, 18th, 25th, and April 1st)

Practice, as together Kindergarten – 4th graders and Adults of all ages play and pray together in the Family Life Center on these special nights, as well.

Make not only “The First 15” a habit but the “Any 15 Faith5” a habit with your family as well!