GriefShare is a Bible-based program to help those who need support.

GriefShare is currently meeting:

Tuesdays, 10am – Noon, January 16 – April 30
in Room 119

Wednesdays, 6pm – 8pm, January 17 – May 1
in Shepherd House (215 E. Rosewood Ave.)

Dear St. John Family and Friends,

The grieving process that follows death can be physically, emotionally, and even spiritually devastating. The good news, though, is that human beings who find a support group often discover that the journey from mourning to joy is possible.


St. John Lutheran Church of Boerne is ready and willing to help grieving people with a special ministry.  Pastor Mariola Berquist is the pastor of record for the Bible-based program GriefShare, and five lay leaders are trained and prepared for the meetings.


You will find welcome, support, and respite in the company of others who are struggling with the natural and normal responses to grief.  A few of the many feelings associated with the death of a dear friend, a parent or grandparent, a child or sibling include:

*Emotional numbness

*Unusual forgetfulfulness

*Crying unexpectedly, stomach pains, chest discomfort

*Feelings of guilt and regret

*Anger at God (and sometimes toward your beloved)

*Loss of appetite (or the opposite)

*Feeling as though life no longer has meaning

*Tremendous anxiety; easily agitated state of mind


Each person’s grief journey is absolutely personal and unique.  The prayers, video presentations by highly qualified Christian counselors and personal stories will reassure you that although it is hard to live through a grief experience, there is hope that adjustment to a new life will come. You are not alone.


Participation is open to adult SJLC members and nonmembers (17 yrs+) of all faiths and all denominations at no charge. We hope you will spread the news to grieving people in your circles.


GriefShare groups meet on Tuesdays 10am to noon, or Wednesdays 6pm to 8pm at St. John.


The grieving process knows no timetable; if you or someone you know needs the assurance and support a Christian bereavement group offers, consider coming regardless of how long it has been. Each of the sessions “stands alone” in context in case you cannot commit to each one.  It is not necessary to begin with the very first one; you can start at any point during the cycle.


Call the St. John office: 830-249-3651 • Pat Albrecht: 210-379-5441 • Barbara Rogers: 210-373-9070


Visit the GriefShare website for more information: