Adult Ministries
VBS 2021 Blast to the Past

Volunteer with VBS: June 7-10

Be an elder of a tribe as we take a BLAST to the past in Biblical times. Pharisees, Roman soldiers, merchants, artisans, and the lame, the sick, as well as some Zealots are needed in the St. John town square, too! The Word is out…Jesus is coming to town!

Special preparation nights will be happening Wednesday nights in May. Consistent volunteers are needed for each day of the event, but there are parts where you can volunteer to help for specific days!

Volunteer Now

9:30am -10:30am Every Sunday:

Our Sunday Bible Studies are held from 9:30am-10:30am every Sunday.

9:30am “God Talk” Room 117: Studying the Psalms. Led by Peggy Hoppes

9:30am “Seekers” Room 216:  Led by Lanne Brehmer.

8am and 9:30am “Parenting/Grandparenting”. Led by Matt Olson

Be a part of a Men or Women’s Small Group

that will grow your Bible Study skills and deepen your relationship with Jesus.

The study series, Every Man a Warrior: Helping Men Succeed in Life has proven to be a favorite for many here at St. John let alone around the world. It’s counterpart for women, Cultivating Holy Beauty, holds promise to do the same. Let Matt know if you would like to find out more or just let him know you are ready to get started! Email: