Serve the Church

Here at St. John, we feel that our faith is lived out in our ministries.


Whether it’s mentoring youth, participating in the bible studies, or engaging our world through our local, national and global missions’ team, we encourage everyone at St. John Lutheran to be involved with a ministry team. We believe that stewardship is “What you do with what you’ve got.”



Family Ministries:

Children Faith Formation and Nursery

The congregation assists parents in their role of providing for faith formation in their children through Sunday school, VBS, Bible Camp, and special children’s events throughout the year. Nursery care with a touch of Christian education is provided for children less than three years of age during worship and during various congregational activities.


Youth Faith Formation

Youth in the 7th through 12th grades continue their faith formation through Sunday school, confirmation, confirmation camps, retreats, camping experiences and special trips and activities. All of these help our youth become equipped for ministry as they go through life while serving God’s world.


Adult Faith Formation

Our Christian journey is a life-long process of learning and growing in faith and faithfulness. St. John provides many opportunities for Bible study, adult education, retreats and learning experiences so that we may be better equipped to serve as the faithful followers of God.

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Congregational Care

The congregational care committee works to prayerfully accompany members while they are in the hospital, care facilities or home bound through visits, delivering prayer shawls, flowers and food. They also seek to encourage faithful worship attendance and activity within the congregation’s life and ministry.



The mission committee is committed to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ by supporting Christian missions and missionaries locally, regionally, and internationally.

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Learn about how you can serve the church on our SonShine Team.

SonShine Team


Congregational Life

Our common faith in Jesus Christ and our love for His church brings us to fellowship as sisters and brothers in Christ. As we get to know one another we become more ready to work together for the sake of God’s kingdom. Congregational life is meant to be a true fellowship of believers.



God uses our hands to reach out into the world. When we serve in Christ’s name, we do so to meet the needs of those in need and to glorify our Father in Heaven. The outreach committee reaches out in service to others through agencies and institutions and through personal, direct and meaningful ways of servanthood. St. John’s Outreach Committee is committed to supporting many different local, national and international organizations.  The committee coordinates efforts to help those in a multitude of ways.

See our list of ways you can become involved locally in outreach efforts by clicking here to go to our ‘Serve the Community’ page.

See our list of ways you can become involved internationally in outreach efforts (i.e. Honduras Mission Trip, Uganda Water Well Mission Trip, etc.) by clicking here to go to our ‘Serve the World’ page.

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Property Operations and Maintenance

Our property and facilities, and the utilities used in them, are the tools that we use to do our congregational ministries and activities. The way we keep and maintain our property is a reflection of our love and commitment to God.



Our stewardship committee encourages members to be faithful in responding to God’s grace with their self, their service and their gifts so that God’s mission may be accomplished and our ministry carried out to the glory of God and for the sake of God’s kingdom.



The Worship Committee at St. John Lutheran Church is responsible for assisting the Pastors, Praise Music Director and Director of Music with worship planning by encouraging and supervising all sub-committees of worship. These sub-committees consist of congregational members who provide a Spirit-filled Lutheran Worship. Within these sub-committees, we encourage active participation from members who are called by Christ to offer their time, talents and possessions in any area of worship. The committee prepares and oversees the budget necessary to best accomplish the worship ministry. In addition, we obtain all needed supplies related to worship.

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Please download our Plans for Serving and tell us how you plan to help serve St. John Lutheran Church.


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The Plans for Serving document can be downloaded, filled in, and dropped off at the church office or emailed to the church at  Thank you for prayerfully considering how you can serve.