SonShine Team

Introducing the new SonShine Teams:


The SonShine Teams are being developed to create a warm and welcoming environment for our guests and members of St. John Lutheran Church.  Our goal is to make everyone who attends our Sunday worship services feel like “guests,” not “visitors.”  Visitors just stop by; guests we prepare for.   We want to make everyone feel like we’ve been expecting them and are happy to see them from the moment they walk in the door.  For our guests, the first impression is a very important one for our church.


We want everyone who comes to St. John Lutheran Church to be…

  • Greeted – welcomed with a very warm smile and handshake
  • Directed – directed and escorted to where they need to go if necessary
  • Treated – with good coffee and abundant cookies/donuts
  • Seated – welcomed into Sanctuary or Family Life Center by Ushers


To accomplish these activities, we will assign SonShine Teams for the Early and Late Services.  There will be several teams so that each team member will be asked to serve 2-3 times per calendar quarter.  The teams will vary each calendar quarter.   Each team will consist of a Lobby Captain, 2 Greeters for the Main (East) Entrance Doors, 2 Greeters for the West Entrance Doors and 1 person at the Information Desk (Late Service Teams only).


The Lobby Captain will basically be the SonShine Team “captain” by ensuring that Greeters are in place at the 2 entrances, ensuring that anyone who may need to be escorted is warmly taken to that location, assisting at the Information Desk as necessary and keeping the Treat Table in order (Late Service Teams only).


The Early Service Teams will be asked to serve beginning at 7:30 AM until the start of the Early Worship Service.  The Late Service Teams will be asked to serve beginning at 10:00 AM until the start of the Late Worship Services.


Your service as a SonShine Team member will contribute greatly to our mission of making everyone who comes to our worship services feel like the “most special guest” of the day.


To volunteer to be a SonShine Team member, please contact Sara Moldenhauer by email to