job opportunities

Youth Ministry Coordinator-Middle School (YMCM)
Youth Ministry Coordinator-Sr. High (YMCS)


Reports to: Director of Family Ministries (DFM)


Takes Reports from:
1. Middle School student leaders or
2.  High School student leaders


Summary of Position

A Youth Ministry Coordinator primarily orchestrates any “fellowship” or “service” orientated event for the youth ministry as well as seeks to invite and provide hospitality for youth, their parents and any additional volunteer leaders.   Annual Youth Ministry events such as special Worship Services, summer Bible camps, retreats and mission trips are also a primary organizing and inviting YMC responsibility.  In general, YMCs help oversee and advocate for consistent and meaningful “youth connections” within all of St. John’s ministries, nurturing the discipleship of youth and their families to the best of our ability.


Areas of Responsibility

Together with the DFM and YMC co-partner, the YMC carries out the needed functions for establishing a consistent and effective ministry for 6th – 12th graders.  The YMCs are in the vital position of making positive church / faith connections with both youth & their parents.  Thus, the YMCs are the primary contact persons for Youth Ministries. Specifically

  • Be a St. John’s Youth Ministry Advocate by aiming to fulfill what the Apostle John recognized in the church community in which he taught. He said, “I write to you, young people because you are strong and the word of God abides in you, and you have overcome the evil one.”   (I John 2:14c)
  • Organize both the volunteers & needed supplies for the weekly Wednesday Night Fellowship / Service opportunities as well as help with ministry needs of Sunday School.
  • Weekly communicate with students & parents opportunities for fellowship, service and learning opportunities.
  • Plan, organize, recruit and be chaperone for various outings, camps, retreats, trips etc.
  • Maintain records, registrations and finances as well as coordinate the needed administration for such things as concerts, camps, trips etc.
  • Give extra effort to personal contacts with students on the “fringe,” while maintaining regular connection with one’s student leaders (be it Middle or High Schoolers)
  • Work with the Family Ministry Team (FMT) in carrying-out needed tasks for special Faith Stepping Stone Blessings and / or special children, youth or inter-generational events.



  • A commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and His church along with an understanding and respect for the Lutheran (NALC/LCMC) teachings of the Christian faith.
  • Thus, will model Christ-like discipleship in one’s life, worship, prayer, service, teaching and community involvement.
  • An understanding of and commitment to, Christian Education & discipleship for children, youth & families.
  • An outreaching and approachable personality with strong leadership skills.
  • A commitment to work closely with the DFM & Co-YMC, other staff and St. John members as together we seek to develop ministries, implement plans, coordinate activities and contribute toward existing mission and ministry projects and initiatives:  A commitment to be a “TEAM” player!
  • Willing to undergo a full background check and be in compliance with St. John’s policies and procedures which include Ministry Safe training and testing.

Heart Required:  One that loves the LORD and desires to serve Him!  Also, a heart that is empathetic to the challenges that face youth and their parents.  One that likes being with pre-teens, teens & their parents.

Skills Required:  Relational:  Good student & adult communication abilities; organized, reliable, and good at planning; A lack of fear in sharing one’s faith and praying out loud.

Additional Skills Desired for within the Family Ministry Team – BUT NOT NECESSARY:  Someone who is fluent in Spanish; Someone who is capable of leading in song via guitar, piano or other; Audio / Visual Technology Know How; Certified / Trained in First Aid; A wiz at social media! (A willingness to learn one of these areas for the sake of the ministry would stand out as well.)



Youth Ministry Coordinators works closely with and is accountable to the Director of Family Ministries.  He/she meets weekly for ministry planning and ministry supervision.  He/she reports to the Family Committee when requested.


Part Time Position:  Hourly or 20 hr. salaried rate will be determined by candidate’s qualifications and experience.


Start Date:  January 2, 2018