Honduras Missions

This year the Honduras Mission Team will travel in June.

On Mother’s Day, May 12, the Honduran Mission Team will hold it’s annual Coffee Sale. Come enjoy and purchase Honduran coffee brought back from the previous mission trip.  All proceeds will benefit Project Talitha Cumi (PTC) and the upcoming mission in June.

A special breakfast will be also be served by the Honduras Mission Team that day! Come enjoy Honduran breakfast tacos (baleadas). Free-Will donations will be collected and used for the mission trip in June.

Donations Needed!


These are the items we will be requesting donations for our June 2024 mission trip to Honduras:


7 Duct tape
8 Ratchet straps
7 Screw driver sets (or 10 in 1 screwdriver)
7 Pliers (regular and needle nose)
7 Adjustable Wrenches
1 Battery powered drill with drill bits and screwdriver bits
7 Tape measure
7 Allen wrenches (standard and metric)
2 Extension cord
Hardware (screws and nails)
1 Oscillating Multi tool with attachments
1 electric sander
1 Grinder
1 Impact driver with bits
1 Hax saw
1 Reticulating saw with blades
7 WD40
3 Socket wrench sets (standard and metric)


First Aid

2 Blood pressure cuffs
7 Face shield/CPR masks
7 Anti choking devices
7 First Aid Kits
Gauze (roll and 4×4 sheets)
Athletic tape/medical adhesive tape
Burn cream
Alcohol prep pads
Iodine pads
Butterfly closure strips
Ace bandages
Benadryl cream
Sting eze



1 Nine Square in the Air Frame (must be collapsable to transport via checked baggage)
3 Kick balls
3 Soccer balls


Please contact Brad Allen (210.232.4286 or [email protected]) if you have any questions.