Sign Up to Serve

At St. John, there are many opportunities to serve. Check out the information below and sign up to serve in a way that best suits you!


An Acolyte is typically a 6th – 8th grade confirmand/student that assists the Pastor during worship and religious services, but high school students are also welcome to participate. Volunteers will:

  • Arrive for worship 15 minutes before the service begins.
  • In the choir room, put on your robe and cross necklace. Take a moment to pray and reflect on your service.
  • 2 minutes before the service, ignite the candlelighters, proceed to the alter and light the candles.
  • Be seated in the front pew and participate in worship service.
  • After the sermon, assist with the passing of the collection plates, by taking them from the alter and giving them to the ushers. Receive the collection plates in return, and deliver to the Pastor for praise and thanksgiving.
  • During Holy Communion preparation, receive the Body and Blood of Christ at the Communion Rail, then assist with collection of communion cups, distribution of grape juice.
  • After communion and final hymn, return to the choir room, retrieve candlelighters, use the snuffer bell to smother candles.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild members serve in monthly teams, behind the scenes, to set the Altar for Communion (Early Service Teams) or wash and put away the Communion vessels after services (Late Service Teams). Volunteers will:

  • Work in the Altar Guild Room (left front of Main Sanctuary) which usually takes 10-15 minutes
  • Early Service Teams arrive at 7:30am
  • During Communion, replenish wafers and wine and pray for the communicants
  • Choose which service you wish to serve at (Early or Late) and the month
  • Obtain a substitute if you need one due to scheduling conflicts
  • Serve with experienced members and receive detailed instructions in advance of your serving
  • Visit the Altar Guild Room before or after any service to talk to our members or to see our handbook and photos

Assisting Minister

The Assisting Minister takes on the role of assisting minister as written in the liturgy used during the 10:45am service. The Assisting Minister serves in a 2 month rotation, serving approximately once every 2 months. Volunteers will:

  • Receive training from Pastor Mariola Bergquist
  • Provide scheduling conflicts to scheduler via email (current scheduler: Reidun Hilleman)
  • Prepare for assigned Sunday by familiarizing with chanted/spoken sections of the liturgy
  • Prepare prayer petitions
  • On day of participation, be early and robed at the start of the service

Church Picnic Volunteer

Church Picnic Volunteers help at the annual church picnic event, usually held in the month of October. Volunteers will:

  • Serve on Planning Committee
  • Help with ticket distribution
  • Prepare picnic area for guests
  • Set Up
  • Direct traffic into/out of picnic grounds
  • Operate Train
  • Cook/Grill/Food
  • Help with Bake-Off Coordination
  • Judge Fishing Contest
  • Organize Volleyball Game
  • Tear Down / Clean Up



Communion Server / Communion Assistant

Communion Servers and Communion Assistants help to distribute bread and wine during Holy Communion. Volunteers will:

  • Serve on Sunday mornings and at occasional weekday services
  • Show up when scheduled
  • Know the words to say:
    Wine: “The Blood of Christ Shed For You”
    Bread: “The Body of Christ Given For You”
  • Know the words to bless children who do not commune

Growing Hope Ministry

The Growing Hope ministry provides an opportunity for you to “Make Jesus Known” and share the gospel, through one-on-one mentoring, with families in our community.

  • Come to the Seminar/Workshop on October 19th to discover how your volunteerism can play a vital part in making a difference in someone’s life.
  • Opportunities include:
    • mentoring
    • administrative support
    • prayer support
    • group projects
    • distributing boxes of food, clothing, and more!

Lector Reader

Lectors read lessons from the Old and New Testament assigned for each Sunday Worship Service. Volunteers will:

  • Read lessons on Sunday mornings at 8am and 10:45am Worship Services
  • Show up when scheduled
  • Bring a copy of lessons that are emailed prior to the Sunday of serving.
  • Are able to read slowly, clearly and with proper diction

Operation Christmas Child 2019

Operation Christmas Child is a way to demonstrate God’s love in a tangible way to children in need around the world, and together with the local church worldwide, to share the Good News of  Jesus Christ. Volunteers can:

  • Pack a box and drop off at SJLC during Drop-off week
  • Donate money! Donations go to directly support the collecting, processing, shipping, and other project costs
  • November 18-25 – Assist with manning the church during the OCC Box Drop-Off times
  • November 25 – Help pack the OCC boxes into cartons and ready them for loading on a truck for transport
  • November 25 – Load the cartons into a truck

SonShine Team (Greeter)

SonShine Team members provide a warm and welcoming environment for each and every guest and member attending St. John’s worship services. Volunteers will:

  • Greet all guests and members with an open door, welcoming smile and warm handshake
  • Direct all attendees needing assistance to find their destination by escorting them to that location
  • Provide information from the Info Desk (when scheduled) by becoming familiar with all StJLC personnel, activities, schedules, special events and building layout
  • Provide Visitor Packets to all first time visitors as they are identified
  • Be available to start 30 minutes prior to your assigned worship service
  • Pray that you will be a blessing to each person you greet by making them feel welcomed to worship our Lord at StJLC


Ushers provide a warm and welcoming environment for each and every guest and member and enable the Pastors to conduct an organized worship service. Volunteers will:

  • Be available to start 30 minutes prior to your assigned worship service
  • Greet and provide bulletins/information to all guests and members entering the Sanctuary
  • Direct all attendees needing assistance to find seating by escorting them to that location
  • At appropriate times, the ushers will collect Prayer Cards, collect Offerings, and usher attendees to the Altar for Communion
  • Count attendance in the Sanctuary, blast!, Narthex, and Nursery
  • Pray that you will be an instrument in making every worship service a blessing to all in attendance

Choir Singer

A Choir Singer attends Wednesday night choir practices and sings in the choir. Volunteers will:

  • Be available to practice on Wednesdays from 6:30pm to 7:40pm in the Sanctuary
  • Have the ability to sing on pitch
  • Attend the 10:45am Sunday service

Handbell Ringer

A Handbell Ringer attends practices on Thursday nights (not every week) and plays with the bell choir. Volunteers will:

  • Be available to practice on Thursdays from 7:00pm to 8:00pm
  • Have the ability to count.
  • Be able to play rhythmically and “on time”

90th Birthday/Anniversary Celebration Meal

St. John’s 90th Birthday/Anniversary Celebration Meal will be held on October 27, 2019.
Volunteers are needed to help with this event which will feature traditional German food. Volunteers opportunities include:

  • Dishwashers
  • Table Set Up
  • Food Servers
  • Trash Monitors
  • Event Breakdown